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5 beautiful Spanish destinations to plan your summer

May 29, 2019

Have you already planned your summer holidays? Don’t worry, we have the perfect Spanish destinations for you. Would you rather spend some days close to the beach? Do you like hiking? Find the destination that matches your perfect Spanish holiday!


It was in 2003 that the white town of Mojacar was declared one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is situated in a peak at 170 metres above the sea level, in the east of Almeria. Its castle has a viewpoint from where you will be able to enjoy a splendid sight. You will also be able to visit its beautiful churches and hermitages, where you will definitely be fascinated.

The beaches have been considered the most attractive of Almeria. During the evening you can organise a picnic close to the beach, just bring some drinks and enjoy the sunset while eating olives!



Moraira is the smallest but more beautiful town in the white coast. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing time thanks to its 8 km of beach, with 7 beaches. Even with the growing tourism, Moraira still conserves its beautiful natural environment.

Its old city holds a cultural patrimony and keeps some secrets to the visitor in the shape of historical buildings, fortified churches, vigilance towers, castles and walls. The Castle of Moraira is the principal fortress and a very interesting building to visit.



In the heart of Empordà, in Catalonia, Begur is one of the most beautiful towns in the Costa Brava. This wonderful place is made of a group of hills and an extensive coastline.

The old town of Begur is formed by multiple monuments that have remained as a legacy of the most significant moments of its history. Besides, the small romantic core of Esclanyà and the eight coves and small beaches that belong to Begur, form an incredible place to go and have a relaxing time.



Now that we have enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea, we go north, to Cantabria. Comillas is also considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, thanks to its incomparable natural and landscape environment and for its cultural and architectural heritage.

The town has a unique architecture, where artists like Gaudí left its mark in the beautiful and remarkable buildings. The “Capricho de Gaudí” is without doubt one of the most unique buildings in the town. Definitely a town worth visiting.



And we finish where we started, in the white towns. Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful of the white towns in Malaga. The whitewashed walls, its narrow and winding streets are the Moorish heritage that the passage of time has left in the old town of Frigiliana, one of the best preserved in the province.

Frigiliana has a wide range of tourist services to meet the demand of the visitor. A varied range of accommodation and a number of restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine. One of the most typical dishes is “migas”. Its name comes from the Spanish word for “crumbs” as it is made of bread crumbs and corn flour. In order to add some fresh flavour, it is usually eaten with sardine and olives.

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Spanish Olive Festival 2nd edition

June 14, 2019

Last month we had the pleasure to celebrate the 2nd Edition of the Spanish Olive Festival in the UK. Our olives brought the Mediterranean essence to Brighton and London at the Foodies Festival, the UK’s biggest food festival!

We loved seeing so many of you coming to our stand where you had the chance to taste and stuff our olives with multiple fillings: manchego cheese, roasted red peppers, almonds and golden sultanas. You could choose between manzanilla, hojiblanca and gordal olives! Also, our ambassadors were ready to help visitors and show the different flavour combinations and pairings you could try, so you could enjoy olives as much as possible!


As you can see, kids loved it too! This is a good way to introduce healthy food to the little ones. You can serve olives as a snack instead of serving chips or biscuits.


Moreover, Olives from Spain ambassador, chef Jose Pizarro, attended the Spanish Olive Festival in London where he performed a cooking demonstration on the main stage. He cooked two delicious dishes: hake with tomato and olive salad, and olive and salt cod tortilla. Tasty and healthy! Making delicious recipes seemed so simple after watching him!


There’s nothing better than sharing good moments with your friends and family. The only way to improve it is being surrounded by delicious food! That’s what the Spanish Olive Festival is all about! Do you want to feel this special experience? Then watch the video!

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Best calas in Spain

June 19, 2019

The first thing that comes to your mind if you think about Spanish beaches is an enormous place where many people go to spend an amazing day while sunbathing and playing with the waves. However, there are some hidden places where you can relax and in which you will feel like you are in paradise. These places are called calas. Continue reading if youwant to know more about them!

Playa de Gulpiyuri, Asturias

Gulpiyuri is a small Asturian bay of less than 50 metres long. However, its beauty andcharm will surprise you. It is surrounded by nature and rocks, and it appears that its watercomes from underground cavities. This is a beautiful beach in the middle of the typical fields of the region.


Cala Escorxada, Menorca, Baleares

This small cove is accessible after a 45-minute walk, in the south side of the Menorca Isle. The truth is, its beautiful turquoise water is really worth the walk. There are no kind of facilities, so you will have to bring your own food to spend the day.

Cala Jovera, Tarragona, Cataluña

The Costa Brava is known for its beaches, but it also has something quieter to offer. This cove is placed under the magnificent Tamarit castle, a treasure from the XI century, which is worth a visit after spending a while under the sun. Its sand is white and thin, with turquoise and clean water and a big rock in the edge of the cove.


La Granadella, Xàbia, Alicante

The Granadella cove is one of the small treasures of Xàbia. This small bay is located in the most southern side of this location. It’s the perfect place to practice underwater activities, due to its clear water and its easy access.


Jajuai, Pontedeume, A Coruña

To access this small bay, there must be low tide, if not, it is only accessible by boat. To find it, we have to go to Centroña beach, from we will walk to the left, just by the sea. We will walk until we find the vegetal barrier of the  Jajuai cove. It will be like being in Hawaii but paying less for the flight!


Now that you know about the most beautiful coves of Spain, will you visit them? Don’t forget to bring your olives to spend the day in these beautiful places.

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Perfect host with these 3 Spanish tapas

June 23, 2019

Summer is for spending time with your friends outdoors: terrace dinners, picnics, walks close to the beach… If you want to organise a nice evening there’s something you can’t forget: food! Let these three fresh and healthy snacks with olives surprise your guests.

Olives summer salad



− 100 gr pitted Spanish Black olives
− 45 gr arugula
− 150 gr fresh cheese
− 2 avocados
− 2 tomatoes
− Olive oil
− Balsamic vinegar
− Salt


The first step is to wash the arugula and put it in a bowl. Next, cut into pieces the fresh cheese, tomatoes and avocados. Add them to the salad and the black olives too.

Finally, dress it with oil vinegar to taste and season it. Perfect for a warm night of summer.

Smoked salmon canape with olives



– 10 canape toasts
– 170gr smoked salmon
– 200gr chopped Hojiblanca black olives
– 150gr cheese cream
– Virgin olive oil
– Pepper
– Dill


First, spread cheese on the toasts and put portions of smoked salmon on top of it. Next, place some slices of olives on top of the salmon.

Finally, dress with olive oil and add pepper and dill to taste. If you are obsessed with black olives you can grate them and sprinkle them over the canapes. Enjoy!

Maize cakes with tomato oil and anchovies



– 10 pitted black olives
– 1 grated tomato
– Anchovies
– Fresh basil or oregano
– Virgin olive oil
– Salt and pepper

For the cakes:

– 75g of maize flour
– 25g of wheat flour
– Virgin olive oil
– Water


For the cakes, mix the maize and wheat flour and the salt and add a little water. Then, knead until the dough no longer sticks to the hanks and can be pressed with a finger without breaking apart. Let it rest.

Form little balls and flatten with fingertips, passing from one to another. Next, cook in a frying pan with a little olive oil and set aside.

Now that the cakes are ready, mix the grated tomato with the oil, oregano or basil, salt and pepper. Soak the anchovies in water for a few minutes to reduce the saltines.

Finally, serve the cakes with an anchovy on top or a teaspoonful of tomato oil and a few slices of olive.

Serve it as a starter or as a snack with some drinks. Enjoy it with your friends!

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Three easy recipes to make at home with olives from Spain

April 1, 2020

With the current world situation, cooking simple snacks and meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important. ​In these times where we need to stay at home, work together and keep safe, recreating our quick and easy recipes with Olives from Spain can help you to make the most of these strange days.

Gordal Spanish Olives wrapped in Smoked Bacon


− 100g of Gordal Spanish Olives
− 12 slices of Smoked Bacon


Cut the smoked bacon slices in 2. Wrap the Gordal Spanish Olives with the bacon slices. Using a cocktail stick, hold the wrapped bacon slices on the olives. Fry the olives wrapped in bacon in a pan until brown. Serve in a small bowl.

Chef’s tip

For more indulgence, you could put a small slice of Emmental cheese between the Gordal Olive and the bacon.

Tomato Bread Salad with Gordal Olives


For the dressing:
– 6 spring onions
– 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
– 6 tablespoons of olive oils
– 4 pinches of fine salt
For the salad:
– 6 slices of sourdough bread 3 tomatoes
– 3 little gem lettuce
– 3 cloves of garlic
– 12 slices of Iberian ham
– 100g of Gordal Spanish Olives


For the dressing:
Wash the spring onions, remove the first layer of the onion. In a bowl, mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. Add the spring onions
For the Salad:
Toast the slices of Sourdough bread. Cut the garlic in half and rub the bread with it. Then rub with some of the tomatoes. Then cut these into small pieces. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and thinly slice the lettuce. Cut the ham into strips. Mix everything in a large bowl and then add the sauce and the Gordal Spanish olives, then mix again.

Chef’s tip

Toast your slices of bread in the oven with a little olive oil and a little thyme for more indulgence. For less mess, do not hesitate to keep the green stems of the spring onions, chop them and add them to your dressing!

Egg Mimosas made with Black Olives from Spain


– 6 eggs
– 1 egg yolk
– 1 teaspoon strong mustard 1 pinch of fine salt
– 12.5 cl peanut oil
– 90 g pitted black Hojiblanca olives from Spain
– 30 g chorizo


For hard-boiled eggs:

Immerse the eggs in a pan of boiling water and leave for 9 minutes. At the end of cooking, place them in ice water to stop them from cooking. Peel the shell from the eggs. Delicately cut them in half lengthwise. Collect the yolks with a spoon and set aside.

For the Olive Mayonnaise:

Mix the egg yolk, mustard and salt then drizzle in the olive oil while mixing. Finely chop the pitted Hojiblanca black Spanish olives. Mash the cooked egg yolks. Mix the egg yolks, olives and mayonnaise together.

For the dressing:

Slice the chorizo into tiny pieces. Garnish the half-eggs with the black olive mayonnaise. Add the small chorizo pieces on top.

Chef’s tip

You can mash your eggs with a fork or through a sieve.

It is likely you will be cooking and eating at home a lot more over the next couple of weeks to months confined to your houses, but do not let this get you down! ​Staying at home has never been made so simple with these must try easy recipes to encourage you to cook more, bond more and make the most of this situation!

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Spain’s most mysterious urban legends

May 13, 2020

Our world’s history is made up of thousands of tales and myths, some are a little on the fantastical side but make a thrilling story. So, why let the truth get in the way! The infamous Lochness Monster is a popular element of the British Urban Legends, believed to be a large monster lurking in the loch of Scotland. There is little evidence to support this phenomenon, however people can’t seem to let this theory go! From the Pyramids of Guimar, to the Lovers of Teruel, here are some of the most mysterious urban legends in Spain.


  1.  The Legends hidden in the mountain of Montserrat

    The mountain of Montserrat has always been a place of inspiration for many myths and legends, with perhaps the most mysterious being ‘La Moreneta’, the Black Madonna, the Virgin of Montserrat. According to the legend, ‘La Moreneta’, ​is believed ​to have been carved in Jerusalem at the beginning of the religion. As one of the most famous Black Madonna statues in the world, ​it was decided to leave the icon there and build a sanctuary around it to worship it. The place became a place of pilgrimage, which today, the sanctuary is known as the Holy Cave and is one of the highlights of the visit to Montserrat.
  2. Legend of “The Lovers of Teruel” 

    This famous legend, originating in the Middle Ages, tells the story of two young people from Teruel who were hopelessly in love with each other. These two youngsters, named Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla, died of love because of the thousands of misfortunes that they lived and that prevented them from joining forever. Their bodies are located in a mausoleum next to the church and tower of San Pedro, in Teruel, and every year in February, the inhabitants of this city recreate the atmosphere of this time.

  3. The mystery of the island of San Brandán: 

    It is said that in the Canary archipelago there is an island that appears and disappears. This island owes its name to San Brandán de Clonfert, who described this island as a paradise on earth. However, it was impossible for many navigators to locate the island. Many people claimed to have visited it, and many others failed to reach that fate. Years later, the fog was blamed for the disappearance of this island, and to this day many know it as “The Lost Island”.

  4. The Mystery of the Pyramids of Guimar and the Guanche at Tenerife: 

    Many people travel to Tenerife as a popular holiday destination, but what many are unaware about is the ongoing mystery of the Pyramids of Guimar. What we do know is that ​Guimar is a town in the south of Tenerife and it is the location where six of these pyramids are to be found. Their structure and where they are located, a place where there was clearly no agriculture, suggest that the pyramids were used for rituals and astronomy. However, ​who built them, when were they constructed and why are all unsolved questions that still to this day explorers have never found the answers to.


When you think of Spain, there are plenty of things that are likely to spring to mind, the nice weather, beautiful landscapes, it’s rich history, but perhaps not the stories of mysterious urban legends. There are in fact many myths and legends in this mystical country which have ventured out into the world as fiction to be discovered.